Masarian Nights

Masarian Nights
Brothers and Sisters of the floating dunes.

The Party set off to travel to the Capatial of Masar, after much debate the party chose to take a back roads (a path that traveled along the Void Edge), that would shorten out travels by a month and reduce the chance of encountering the imperial war raging in Bastil (eastern side).

Before we venture the Dues we brought Pack animals and supplies
3 Boars, 2 camels, 1 horse

During our weary trip we discussed religion, for some reason Hans was very voice-ful about his Nordic gods. We also encountered Rattle Snakes that be either the work of a wizard or just from living near the Void have mutated to play the sounds of “Arabian Nights” and “Sandstorm” when… well the name implies.

Regardless about five weeks into our journey we saw the first signs of Life, A herd of maundering elephants. Nils delighted to see life decided to turn into one. But being so far away from the Herd caught interested from a flying Roc. As it Swooped for Nils it became confused as the Elephant disappeared back into a smaller creature, so instead it picked up one of the Boars…. and was never seen again.

Signs of life began increasing after that… well sort of… the burnt out husks of villages became a usual sight. Interestingly only bodies of Masar militia was found in the villages. Continuing on our way we then meet the first humanoids. Two Hunking Warforges by the Names of Snakes (5515A){Whose face looked like serpent} and Fant/Phant (EFAN){Whose face was a mechanical Elephants}. Bid us hello and asked what we were doing here.
Nils Answered in full canon…. and the party decided to stop him next time.

Phant and Snakes talked about their Savior the Songbird Angel, and that they were freed about a Season Ago. We told them of our “Quest” for an alliance, and safety bid them farewell. It was after this encounter Ash’s Messenger Raven returned bearing where he will find his contact.

The Party then finally after Seven weeks of desert walking/sitting saw the gates of Masar’s Capital Agrabah. With walls 50ft into the air, and a cliff face moat it was a sight to behold. Stowing the animals in the gate’s stables we enter the city (After confusing the Guards)(Minus 5gp for toll). We then Tipped a Small humanoid with 2 gp and to find the “Stone Hippo” inn

Once there we meet a War forge that was crossed with a human/Buddha/hippo and he asked for us to surrender any form of weapons, Ash then moved to his contact, with Hans. While the others attempted to gain a drink.
After Speaking the code phrases, and bringing Han’s into the folds, because Darrius wasn’t there frown emoticon , It was confirmed that Ash’s assignment in the assassination of the Serpent Queen.

The Serpant Queen,
Is “Immortal” but every eighty years becomes “tired”
Is been around since to birth of the empire
Is said to be the Emperors Wife, and has his Children
Has Five Daughters that represent her rule Ages 14 to 2
Takes the Guise of a Human.

the Daughters live in the Pyramid of Brides
the central one is the Palace, the right one is the temple of the bride the left one is the temple of the Emperor.

While this was spoken a stranger girl appeared in the Tavern wearing purest silk and sparkling gems, she begged for safe passage out of the city . Torvan took interest and she ran towards him. >Elise Cover her with her cloak. It was at that moment Ash and his contact realized that this child was the eldest princess. It was also when three varying Snake Guards entered the building. Demanding the Princesses return. To which the Party replied “Who?”

Then we the summoning power of a Torvan’s might combat was engaged with a Flaming Spoon being flung into one of the Guard’s face.
Elise Blinded and Protected the Princess
Hans Picked up the Princess and Asks for Three’s surrender
Torvan attack Two with anything on hand
Nils’ turned into a mouse to get to the weapons

Guard One put up a good fight against Ash’s Training but was not ready for Supersized Back of the Head Kick that sent him flying to the tavern wall.

Captain Guard Three, placed his value of civil protection very high and valiantly saved seats and bottle of wine from destruction in the bar fight {He missed his grapples and was twisted around them instead.}

Guard Two, decided to fall back and sealed the tavern by ordering the War Forge to block the only entrance. While we sat there waiting, we learnt that the Princess name is Jasmine, and that she is running for her life away from her mother the Queen, because she believe the Queen uses her daughter to regain her youth (This is from a avian historian that told her about other daughters of the Queen that she has never known, that vanished after the queens illness).

The War forge woke up, returned to normal, and gave back our weapons. Ash (1st) then Nils (2nd) casts Past with out a trace and we left the Building.

We then arrived at the Gate and decided the the gate was a no go.
So we went to the walls… and realized what “Stay away from our City – walls meant”. Nils decided to Climb up the wall throw down a rope and then everyone climb over. However when Nils reached the top he was confronted by a lone watchman on patrol. With a degree of Mutual understand and “Sorry but it’s my job, I have a family to feed (Wife, 5 year old and 12 year old)”. Nils hands were tied. However during this brief backstory Ash ascended with the Shadows and saw Nils in trouble.

So he did what he does best, Killed the man with such graces and flare that all that was left was two Blood stained daggers, Tatted robes, a blood puddle and a Big toe. Ash then cut Nil’s bindings threw the rope to the party below and jumped off the other side with another. Leaving Nils in a Shocked/Stunned State.
For Some reason Nils pocketed the Toe.

With the Party now safety over the wall they gather their animals and headed out the the deep desert near the Lake of Apep. There the Princess informed us that she was going to meet friends of the Song bird, it was also when Ash ask for her assistance to kill her mother. She was pleased by that.

Then Nils placed 1000 gold on the Ground, the Toe of Steve and cast Reincarnate and to the parties seconded amusement (after seeing the revive of Darius) Watch Steve come to life as a Halfing.

Masarian Nights

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