Tag: Wizard


  • Mira Silverfoot

    Recent graduate of the Academy for Registered Heroes of the Empire, Mira takes pride in representing her Emperor and strives to uphold the rules and values she has been raised and educated with. Her familiar, Jenkins, is a barn owl.

  • Kuvera Lakshmi, the Lynx

    Born to House Lakshmi, Kuvera was a minor princess in the Shibi Citadel - but royalty meant little in the Citadel. This hidden land was a place of quiet peace and plenty for all. Removed from the outside world, their culture was based on ancient …

  • Sir Danarian the Red

    Danarian, much like the other Servants of the Secret Fire, experienced the destructive nature of the flame at a young age when his house burned down, claiming his family within. Only Danarian was spared, seemingly unharmed by the fire. It was here that …