The Heroes of Tolmurr

The Fate of Fate.

The Return to Tolmur Season 4 Espiode one

Day 18 of the Long Night in the Year of our Lord 1039, (20 NA)

That Whites that have tried to advance along the fleeting border Arcadian have been dealt with. With the second snow falling I have been lead to believe that for now – at least – the threat has hibernated. Still, the force is strong and the few children of cloth that are present in this small town will mean that come first light this will be a difficult battle.
My hand stung again this morning, once I might I said it was nothing but Ill omen has always followed. Guess it’s time to move soon.

Day 19 of the Long night in the Year of our lord 1039 (20 NA)

From Arcadia to The Temple of the Six elements in the Void, Fate work in mysterious ways. It appears that my serves are to be hired by the temple, it appears one of their students have been corrupted and turned rogue and has converted at least three others to his rank. This “Master Assassin” known as “Ash” has come into possession the Black razor. How the blade was found, I do not know. However, the blade has resurfaced and has already slain, both the queen of Masar and ash’s former master.
Our mission that has already been predicted for at least one causality. Is to find Ash and his gang and retrieve the Black Razor before he escapes to the Micinia and takes advantage of the multiple rifts that have been tamed in that area. He is said to have a corrupted Zeal about entropy and trying to “Save the world” – how do they keep popping up, are the scripture not clear….
However, I was not alone in this task, for already a team has been formed:

a Basillain Human that once served in the 1009 – 10** Tomulur Rebellion, a crack shot with the musket and while I cringe as he states he is a veteran he does possesses a high count of bravery.
a being of the divine… I don’t know of the creatures propose or reason for travelling to our world yet it is clear that their wraith is absolute, and is unphased by the might of the Radiant or the necrotic.

_I say this in light of our sparring match we test each other upon. A simple arena served for the fight, the battle was to first blood. the sparring was over quickly, how can one fight what appears to be a distant outcast of an angel.

However sparring aside as we await the remaining members of our party, we have been shown the mean to track Ash down. The void has created voidcraft or sailing ships for air, I don’t what to think of this technology yet I have been told it is stuck within the chaos that is the void. The Magic to the craft is that it runs off a Vis crystal that has entered that second last stage of sentience. They as the heart and with a captain as a guide sail the vessel through the chaotic energy. Our vessel is yet to have its heart installed but the temple has already had one in mind, a young master of water by the name “Breath of the Ozone”. He currently resides in the garden as a vis tree and has been a joy to talk to. He may still be young but his wisdom is of that of our grand elders just limited to time.
Still, my brother and sisters are ready to fight, but I fear if this weapon can truly absorb souls to oblivion then I must not allow them or myself to fall. For the Emperor, For the tipping tide, for our oath as elves of the 31st._



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