The Heroes of Tolmurr

A Half-elf, a Drake and a Tre... shrub Oh my.

The Return to Tolmur Season 4 Espiode Two

Day 19 of the Long night in the Year of our New Lord Age 20
Call me traditionalist but I still like the old age

Another brother has joined us today on the quest to find the Assassin a Half-Elf by the name of Nicholi, he appears confident in the art of the sword and bow but it seems his words is his most valuable assets. However, they themselves are conflicting.
Nicholi seems to lack conviction to our lord… once in my youth I would have been outrage but I have seen in my life many of our brethren seem indifferent these days. Alas along as he respects the might our lords he should be fine. It not like he’s talking about making friends with the fey

Still today after informing Master Ozone the good news we venture into the shopping district next to the temple and well I believe the term for humans is a “mid-life crisis”. Still today I have been able to purchase a fine steed, a White Drake named White Wailer, she is a well trained and quiet and easy individual to commune with. It is nice to know that she has a fair lifespan ahead of her.

The others it seems were more wanting to wander and peruse than purchase. Tho it appears Em’rick has been in possession of a cold steel blade, an interesting artifact of a previous time still it is odd that is in use. Nicholi it appears purchased a shield, but he seems to be pondering… probably about his recent purchase.

Day 19 of the Long night in the Year of our New Lord Age 20.

This Day just kepts going on, but what I have seen an still see has tested my resolve. Our last member joined us today, I thought the temple was making a deal with the fey, for in front of us was a tiny treent with a jester rattle. However I was informed from Em’rick this creature is in fact and abomination created from that Treasonsness gang “the ‘’’ heroes ‘’’ of Tolmurr” The Hertetic Nils the false provider.

Still this tree, bush, -rosebush- Shrub calls himself Frank and has a cheery composition to find his old master. I trust that he could lead me to Nils, but I would trust my life with this shrub as much as I would trust journeying solo through the void in a long night.
Still members aside we assembled at the ship and watch as Ozone was installed into the void craft his voice of freedom and joy has still rings in my mind. We also meet the Captain of this fair vessel Captain Wings of Sky. She once served in the Bastilain Navy.

Still, she showed us the vessel and the few arcane cannons in the hull
(Port, 30ft flamer, Bow, 100ft Lightning bolt) (6 Charges total)
(Broadside, A.M.P 100ft radius 10 minutes duration 24 hours recharge)

She then asked if we had a direction and as such I was granted permission to seek refuge in the captain cabin. It has been a while since I talked to the recognisance but there insight is most welcome.

We will meet the Assassin Ash un-expectantly in a dust bowl town

Ozone seem to know of this town so that is where we are heading, but even as we left the temple and ventured into the chaos of the long night a Red dragon from the Bank of Fire and Death boarded the ship. He offered the party 50k gold and safe passage and in return, we do not proceed with our suicidal mission against a member of the Hero of Tolmurr. For the party, we pursue will save the world from total destruction

Again with the end of the world, is there a page missing that I should know about? If is this gangs fate is to save the world, then only the lord may judge as even I know fate works in mysterious ways. But they possess something that should never be in possession, the Black Razor and I’m sure fate is in endings, not methods.

The party declined and he seemed to sadden and while he will not act against us I am sure this is not the last of the bank.



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