We are in bad shape, that last fight took it all out of us. I am not sure how we are going to get out of this alive but we have to, the prophecy cannot end here. Luckily this next room is literally just filled with art so we can get some rest with the lessers get a workout.

Okay so this room seems wierd, what exactly are otherworldly beings? I mean that must be me I assume with the power of other world’s.

Okay… I Guess not.

Wait so dragons are not from this world? I will have to add that to my notes…
That’s a nice bow Yoric has, I hope he enjoyes those skooby snacks, they seem to pep him up a bit.

….is that a Djinn??? I have only ever heard of those in takes mothers would tell their kids into making sure they know exactly what they ask for, I need to be very clear.

Okay 25000gp, hopefully that should really help our army, thank God Mira got her curse removed, that’s really good. Oh and apparently we revived and teleported the king to us,costing the life of poor Sofie, but everyone knows that you pay for a life with another.

Oh also a rune for a rune mage, maybe kovira would like that

Okay so we’ve worked out that the best way to get the king on side is to kill the dragon we will have to fight eventually.

…..or 5 of them.

This is not good, not good at all, they are just playing with us, why do they not let us die… We killed all but the biggest baddest one and it is just toying with us. Almost everyone is down.
I cannot take this anymore. Maybe if I distract it with a one on one melee it will give the others time to get up.

…please get up…
…our story cannot end like this…
…the whispers are getting so loud…
…I can’t feel anything…

when will I awake from this dream?

“I told you so, oblivion was never an option for a thing such as you”


Blackness was not new to Darius, his blindness ment that black was all he ever saw.
His boddy went numb as he fell unconscious felling left his limbs like those preshus few moments of sleep.
The wispers grew louder as the sounds of battle grew softer.
“When will I awaken from this dream?” Darius thought to himself as the kobolds unceremoniously dumped his naked boddy into the river of acid.
He did not notice the transition. The whispers just grew louder and louder.


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