Trouble in the mine shaft

So as our rickety barge pulls ashore for the night, the party gathers around the camp-fire. Yoric begins the recount the story of the mines to Ulrich,the ferryman/ trader as he whittles a craving of the party ambushing rust monsters

“……so Ricardo and Tyde had to abandon our expedition for fear of tarnishing their armour, conveniently as Fargrim and Zhi arrived. We cleared the rest of the cave of rust monsters, with Nihls either bravely or foolishly charging into their nest. He proved an effective defence against the creatures due to him not requiring metal weapons or armour. Fargrim got surrounded and caught in an entanglement spell, but managed to slay a handful of the creatures. After all the creatures were slain we sealed the nest with explosives we found in the cave and managed to recover a number of gems and treasure.

We continued through the cave, were Nihls again charged ahead blindly prompting a stalactite to fall nearly killing him. Fargrim identified the hazard not as a stalactite but a piecer, a aberrations that dwells in dungeons and drops on unsuspecting adventurers. Nihls and Zhi collectively cleared the ceiling of the monsters and we pressed on into the open cavern. Here we encounter the fiercest enemy, a roper, the larger ground based version of the piecer. We defeated the monstrosity, with Zhi dealing the final blow by poisoning the creature. After recovering treasure and sealing the caves we returned to town.

With the smell of smoke and the sight of fire alerting us to the danger, we all sprinted back with myself arriving first. I found the town beset by centaurs of the blood hoof clan, lighting fires and capturing stranglers including the inn keepers owner, Alaina (cant she just sought herself out for once). We managed to wound some, but the beasts fled as soon as we arrived. They had slain Malcolm and several other townsfolk and scrawled a message on Malcolm’s corpse, demanding to take me as prisoner. We did what we could to help the town by putting out fires. We met with Naan formulated a plan to track the centaurs and return the hostages. I have also grown suspicious of Mark, the empire representative in town, as it was him who sent us away to clear the mine, leaving the town undefended, as a tribe I know to have empire ties to raid the town. He did sound like genuine but it is a mighty coincidence don’t you agree?

We secured transport with yourself and collected supplies for our trip. We travel to Valhalla’s Gate, the centaur controlled pass, about 10 days travel north of Ironford. Daarius has devised a plan to use me as bait to ambush the centaurs and return the townsfolk. Hopefully they are unharmed but Centaurs are some of the worst of the horrifying fey and are known to eat other creatures, I intend to tear as many of the beasts apart as I can"

The fire slows to burn low as the story ends and the party begin to drift off to sleep with Yoric taking first watch. Staying up to sharpen arrows, thinking off each one hitting its marking and dropping a centaur.

-Yorric/ Nicolas Fowler

Trouble in the mine shaft

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