The Void

The Order teaches that the Void was a result of the Greed of Dragons. The scrolls tell that when the Emperor first set foot upon the Material Plane over 1000 years ago it was plagued with false gods, the Dread Wyrm Tiamat chief among them. Seeing the power the Emperor wielded and coveting it for herself, she waged a war against the Emperor and was cast down for her insolence. It is said that at the bottom of the Void is Tiamat’s Prison, to eternally serve as a reminder to dragons that would attempt to wage war against the Empire again of the consequences.


The Void is an enormous crater located to the south-east of The Empire. It spans over 2000 kilometers in diameter. Most believe it to be bottomless, or at the very least to stretch beyond bedrock. It is populated with countless floating Islands created from pure Vis Crystal. As they grow older, all draconic races are drawn to the Void, so that their Vis may join with the Vis of their ancestors.

The biomes of the islands vary greatly depending on what combination of Vis Crystals make up the core of the island. Islands high in earth and water will grow grassy fields or rainforests; islands with only water at the core create enormous floating lakes to small oceans that may become home to dragonturtles or leviathan; islands high in fire may spout volcanoes, or lakes of lava.

Below these floating Islands is the elemental chaos. These are the bars of Tiamat’s prison which prevent her from getting out and anything else from getting in. It is a malistrom of random elemental effects. The deeper into The Void you go, the more violent it becomes, until your body is eventually ripped apart by the chaos.

The Void is an unchartable mess of elements. It is confusing and impossible to map as the islands shift and move seemingly at random. Those who suffer the Curse never seem to be lost, uniquely; the Vis that makes up the islands talks to them, guiding them where they need to be. The Void is their home.



Dragonborn are natives of the void, and while all dragonborn feel a sense of kinship, there is no all-encompassing dragonborn nation. Instead, there are a multitude of loosely aligned clans, most of whom look to a wise, older dragon as their leader.

The Empire

Officially, the Empire has no interest in conquering The Void; It is dangerous, impossible to navigate, impossible to transport troops through, and almost all of the local fauna is infected with the Curse, and thus capable of some form of innate magic
Unofficially, however, humans’ drive for greatness and adventure has caused a large number of human settlements to begin to form in the north-eastern part of The Void. The land itself is made from Vis Crystal, the valuable stone that is the lifeblood of the majority of magical theory. Vis miners, dragon hunters, thumancers, wizards and sorcerers have all made their way to The Void, bringing their homes and family with them.

The Void

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