The Great Provider

A young bald headed dwarf sits perched on an empty ale barrel. Around him, a group of ragged peasants crowd together, trying their hardest to hear every word.

“It’s been a long day my brothers. From the moment we arrived in Cunston, I sensed the spirits were strangers here too. We brought you here to find refuge from the Confessor army and to spread the bear’s love to these city folk. We also hoped to warn the king of the impending invasion and to contain the tainted crystal which was left by the horrors that haunt Darrius.

Upon docking at the refugee camp we first made our way to the Avian district. The buildings there were taller than any tree I have seen, the Avian builders must have learned from The Eagle himself! Upon seeing the taint, the guards were unwilling to let us enter, but Darrius was able to convince them to let us meet a great wizard. With his help, the taint was restricted and safely secured. Unfortunately, it appears that it is too late for Mera. I just hope that she comes to terms with her fate before it is too late. We visited some of the Avian merchants and spead the word of the spirits.

After leaving the Avian district, we went to meet with an associate of Darrius. Along the way we had a close encounter with inquisitors, but spirits willing, we passed unnoticed. Darrius’ contact was able to dress us to meet with King Harold. With our new outfits and Darrius’ cunning, we were able to pass through the gates and get an audience. We were presented to the king as the Heroes of Ironford and Fargrim noticed that the king’s advisor bore the symbol of the Confessors. The weaselly elf was clearly trying to stop the king hearing what we had to say. Upon making our accusations agsinst the Confessors, the elf was dismissed and we met with the king in private.

The door was locked behind us and we sat down at the table with the king. Before anyone could say anything a dark magic came into the room. Yoric was possessed and stuck at the king. The spell ended as the king was cut down. It is clear to me that the elf Confessor, fearing the good king’s wrath, cast his dark magic over Yoric. We had no choice but to flee the scene.

The bear lives im every one of us, good people of Tolmurr. In this hour of need we must all do our part rescue this forsaken land. Together we will cast out the Emperor’s dark magic. We shall restore peace and harmony under the spirits’ guidance."

The Great Provider

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