The Calendar

The Current year is 1009.

The Prologue started in the Year 1007

Season one started in the Year 1008

The Empire marks the passing of time by the cycles of the twin moons. The year is split into 4 seasons, marked by the cycle of the first moon which takes 84 days to go from new moon through the full moon and back to the new moon.

The seasons are broken up into 12 months, with 3 months to each season; the months are tracked by following the waxing and waning of the second moon through its 28 day cycle.

A year is 336 days.

The end of the year is marked by The Long Night, an entire month where the sun does not rise. After 28 days of darkness, the sun returns to the world, marking the dawn of the new year.

The months of the year are:


1. First Light
2. Sol’s Peak
3. Summer’s End


4. Newbirth
5. Emperor’s Bliss
6. Mid Year


7. Harvest
8. Allfather’s Glory
9. Last Leaf


10. First Frost
11. Last Light
12. The Long Night

The Calendar

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