Let me Tell you a story

Let me tell you a story of when the world was new – when the First Empire stood unchallenged, and necromancy was a noble school, not shunned in fear. Let me tell you of times before dwarves dug too deep, when Angels did not know of Daemons, and when Bahamut and Tiamat were still locked in their prisons.

Let me tell you the story of The Heroes of Tolmurr.

The session started 1/1/08
The sessions ended 16/1/08
(16 days traveling)

The party was employed by a mystery man to take a chest to an out of the way location near the southern border of Tolmurr for 300 silver each.

The party failed a navigation check and took a great shortcut!

The party set up camp, went to sleep and had a strange dream, the contents of which is written at the top of this page.

The party woke up to see some skritt rifling through their stuff. The party proceeded to slaughter all but one of the skritt, who revealed he was named Snuffles.

The skritt surrendered and upon interrogation the party found out that they had made camp on top of the skritts’ warren. Five younglings were wounded in the warren, Snuffles being the only surviving adult. Snuffles sat there sobbing, begging the party to let the younglings live and just leave them alone.

The party felt bad and left Snuffles with some rations as well as letting him keep his adamantium scimitar.

Back on track, the party traveled for several more days. About a mile away from their destination, the party was ambushed by goblins lead by a kobold sorcerer.

The goblins collapsed the ground around the party and they fell into a subterranean river. In the chaos the party’s wombat drowned, Fargrim gained some awesome aquatic abilities, Yoric got some sick dual-wielding skills, and the chest that the party was meant to be delivering was stolen by the kobold, who ran off into some nearby caverns.

The party persued the kobold into the caverns and after getting momentarily lost found their way to a huge door made out of bedrock.

The Kobold, mortally wounded, was desperately trying to open the box by smashing it on the door. He ended up detonating himself in an attempt to kill the party and open the box.

Inside the box was discovered a key needed to open the bedrock door. The party opened the door and their “employer” appeared behind them. A gnome with red skin and bat wings, he introduced himself as Phill, payed the party and invited them to see The Wall of Prophecy with him.

Let me Tell you a story

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