Dialects. When you learn a language, you automatically know one dialect in that language. If you start with a dialect, you automatically know the associated language. You can spend a subsequent learned language to fluently speak all dialects associated with a language for which you already know a single dialect.

If you are communicating with someone who speaks the same language as you, but with a different dialect, you have disadvantage on charisma ability checks to do with communication (i.e persuasion).


Dialects: Arcadia, Bastil, Dwarvish, Elven, Halfling, Masar, Mongolia, Tolmurr, Velhyme, Vigile

The Emperor’s Common is the most widespread language in the world, spoken throughout the Empire and even in parts of Micinia and The Void. You would be hard pressed to find a fey willing to sully their tongue with such a language, however. Common is the native tongue of the Emperor’s children and finds its roots in Celestial.


Dialects: Changeling, Summer, Winter

Sylvan is the native tongue of wood elves and the fey. Additionally, the vocal components in most druid spells are Sylvan. Given the taboo nature of the existance of druids, the language is not widely spoken outside of the Feywilds in the modern day.


Dialects: Aquan, Auran, Dragon, Ignan, Terran
Draconic is the language of dragons and the void. All Draconic races can speak the tongue from birth; it is said that they hear the words as whispers while they grow in their eggs.The vocal components of most sorcerer spells are Draconic; however, the majority of arcane casters pay little attention to the language.


Dialects: Central, Gnomish (Only avian can speak Central)
Avian is the native language of Micinia and the avian people. Its vocal components consist of a series of clicks, tweets, and whistles impossible to be recreated by non-avian races.
It is also one of the most complex written languages, consisting of 3 different alphabets (Hieroglyphic, Standard and Shorthand) and several thousand words. The avian hieroglyphic alphabet is etched on many magical items and is said to hold great power. Avian is largely considered to be the language of magic and technology. While it is not largely spoken, most schematics are written in Avian as it is the only language that allows for the complexity of most items.

The Gnomish spoken language is largely considered a variation of Avian that can be pronounced by other races. Utilizing the Avian shorthand alphabet, most vocal components for arcane spells make use of gnomish as a substitute for Avian.


Dialects: Giant, Goblin, Lupine, Orcish

Spoken by the many races that populate Velhyme and the Northern Wastes. Lupine, giants, orcs and goblins all have their own dialects, and while it is possible to comprehend a specific dialect, conversation is strained if you are speaking Northern but are not fluent in the specific dialect.


Spoken only by clerics and paladins of the Emperor, the language is used primarily as a way to show off to the the general population. Most sermons are spoken in Celestial and the majority of the copies of the Emperor’s Scrolls are also written in the language. The vocal components of many cleric and paladin spells are spoken in Celestial


The language of Terranullis, a desert continent far to the south of the Empire. Terran is only spoken by traders that have travelled to the Empire looking for business opportunities.


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