And lo the Emperor looked upon his youngest son and said, “Your time on this place must be far shorter than your brothers. Your task here is one of ambition, and you may not be allowed to grow comfortable with what you have. Your legacy shall be great and your ambitious nature shall be rewarded. Spread my Light to the farthest reaches of this world; when all the world knows my grace, your task shall be done.”

The Scroll of Tasks 1:16

Humankind is the most versatile and widespread of the Empire’s races. Their short lives force them to act immediately, as they do not have the luxury of waiting, as the elves and the dwarves do. It is because of humans that the Empire has managed to spread this far in the short 1000 years that it has existed.

The Seven Kingdoms of the Empire are often called the Kingdoms of Man, and aside from the Capital, human kings and queens have always sat on their thrones. Humanity as a race has but one mission: to spread the influence of the Empire to every corner of this world.

Humans, however, are a fickle lot, and the majority become distracted from this task, more concerned with the ambitions of their small, daily lives rather than humanity as a whole. They lack a level of kinship with each other that the other Emperor’s children hold.


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