Then, some of the children approached the Emperor, and said “My Lord, the tasks you have set before us are grand, but we are but simple folk. The lives you would have us lead are full of dangers and uncertainty. May we be exempt so that we may return to our lives as before plowing the fields, tending to the herds, and mastering our crafts?” The Emperor looked upon his children and let out a sad sigh. “If you wish it, then it shall be; but you will have none of the glory of pursuing the tasks that i have set you. In your simple lives you will always be content – you will plow the fields, tend to the herds, and master your crafts, but your children shall never be kings”.

Scroll of Amendments 24:18

The Order teaches that halflings are descendants of humans that lack the ambition that drives humankind onto greatness. They live in small, tight-knit communities in cities, where they are craftsmen, merchants, traders, generally falling in the range of the middle class. Halflings also make up a large percentage of farming communities within the inner reaches of the Empire where life is more stable and farmlands are rarely attacked by fey or bandits. The average halfling leads a simple but fulfilling life. Halfling leaders take the form of Mayors, bringing the needs of their small community to the attention of the local human lords. However, there has never been a halfling king.

Occasionally, a halfling will break the mold and be born with a spark – a need for adventure. However, these halflings are few and far between; most are content, happy with their simple lives.


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