And lo the Children turned their back on the Allfather’s grace, giving into their bestial urges; they lay with foul corruption, they lay with beasts, they lay with the enemy – they lay with their own kin! And this corruption changed the children, as corruption does, and the result of this matrimony was putrid. The Orc, the Goblin and the Centaur was born!

Scroll of The Betrayal (Northern Veneration) 3:36

To the Empire, orcs represent elves that have truly turned away from the Emperor’s light and fallen prey to their bestial urges. They are a violent and warlike race that lives only for battle. The tribes plague Norn and the ice wastelands farther north of it.

Sometimes a human or an elf will become taken by these beasts, and the result of such a union is a half-orc. If a half-orc is able to prove himself strong enough, then they might be accepted as a full blooded member of the tribe. An orc cares only about your strength in battle, not who your father chose to fuck nine months before your birth.

Humans are less kind. Half-orcs are looked down upon by The Order and shunned in most civilized places in the Empire.


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