The Emperor

All Domains.

“All Hail the Allfather, All Hail Sol, All Hail The Emperor, may his light guide us on the path to salvation!”

Known as the Allfather by the north, and as Sol by the Avians. God of the Empire, God of Humans, High Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Gnomes and any race who pledges themselves to the Empire; God of Healing, God of the Risen Sun, God of Benevolence and Damnation. Above all, the God of Order. He is the one true god above all others, and his Children were put on the world to spread his name.

He is an absent god who has not been heard from in several thousand years. His church, The Order, maintains peace and order in the Empire. He sees fit to grant the people of this world the power to create miracles. This power may not always be placed in the hands of someone who follows the true faith. The Emperor’s will is mysterious, and it is not for mere mortals to question it.

The Northern Spirits

Guidance, The Eagle
Major Domains: Knowledge, Light
Minor Domains: Death, Nature, War

Wisdom, The Wolf
Major Domains: Death, Trickery, War
Minor Domains: Knowledge, Nature

Love, The Bear
Major Domains: Life, Tempest
Minor Domains: Nature, Trickery

Guidance, The Eagle

God of Light and Knowledge, and a symbol of leadership. Scholars, thanes and generals are the most prominent among his followers, praying for his guidance so that they may lead their men to victory.

Wisdom, The Wolf

God of soldiers, spies, war, and death. The most called on by lupine, orcs and goliaths. Soldiers call upon The Wolf to bring them victory; spies ask that he silence their steps as they stalk their prey.

Love, The Bear

The god of family, she is depicted as a kind and loving mother caring for her playful cubs and trying to keep them from mischief. She is also depicted as powerful and vengeful to those who try to harm her cubs. She is one of the most beloved Spirits of the common folk, who believe she has control over the weather. She is worshipped by healers, and mothers wishing to keep their children safe. Her cubs are a symbol of playful mischief and trickery, often prayed to by thieves and bards hoping to make a quick buck.

The Afterlife

The northern lights can be seen by all of the north. Those who follow the Northern Spirits believe that when they die, their souls join their ancestors’ souls in the dancing lights. They watch over us. Guidance is most commonly depicted as the one who guides souls to the afterlife; however, this is not always the case. If a young child passes away, or a mother dies in labour, it is said that Love is the one who guides the soul to the afterlife. Those who die in battle are led on one last glorious hunt by Wisdom before being guided to their final resting place in the lights.

The Spirits of the Feywilds

Domains: Nature, Trickery

Many of the gnomes and elves of the untamed wilds to the east of the World Tree still worship the Spirits. They tend to worship even the most minor deities: a spirit of a river, an especially wise and old ent or a grove of powerful dryads. They are each revered as minor gods. Divine casters who draw from the Fey Spirits don’t draw their power from any one spirit, but from the spirits as a collective.

Bahamut and Tiamat

Bahamut: Life, Light, Tempest
Tiamat: Death, Knowledge, Trickery, War

The Dragonborn worship the god Bahamut – still alive, but trapped in the Vis Crystals that make up the largest of the floating citadels. Those that reach religious enlightenment can still commune with him within his eternal prison. It is believed that Tiamat was responsible for the Curse entering the world, branding all the draconic races with its great power and the great suffering that comes with it. It is believed that the Void was created in a battle between Bahamut and Tiamat in which Bahamut cast Tiamat down to a place far beneath the underdark as a punishment for her crimes. Tiamat is said to still sit at the bottom of the Void, licking her wounds and plotting her revenge.
Worship of the dragon gods is extremely uncommon outside of the floating citadels that the Empire is unwilling or unable to conquer. The Dragonborn are safe to follow their own religious beliefs.

The Afterlife

The draconic races have a rather bleak view of the afterlife: if you live to old age and the Curse consumes you, it is said that you never die, and your mind joins with the minds of all the others whose crystals inhabit the citadel you chose to be your final resting place. Monks, clerics and sorcerers who have claimed to have found a high level of enlightenment can communicate with those whose minds are trapped within the crystals. If you die before your time and your crystals are destroyed you just cease to exist, doomed to oblivion. Draconic people will attempt to take the body of their kind back to one of the void as the crystals will continue to grow long after death. it is believed that if the Vis is still active, then they are not truly dead, and may join the others.


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