Freshly Bathed

A freshly bathed lupine sits the corner of the tavern, as the green avian Tap scrapes frost from the tavern floor. Across from sits the gruffy eldarly refugee Arnold, between them sits two glasses of micinian wine and Yoricks current attempt at wood craving.

“My tribesmen Darrius has been in contact with our associates in the capital” Yorick recounted, as Arnold nods silently. "Riverford seems like a lovely little town, but i expect us to be our way before any more partying occurs or any other forces approach us. We can not expect Tap and Owl to provide such ale every evening, even at fair prices and frankly the towns obession with robin hood gnaws at me.

Im sure the refugees enjoyed the party, i know my companions did. I was impressed that farmers boy managed to outdrink Nihls.
I fear Alaina might be a bad influence on Myra, she did not strike me as the type to use magic so reckless to impress a party.
I feel niether Nihls nor Myra appreciate the severity of our quest and my lecture went unheeded.

I was shocked to find that Empire Witch hunter tracked us so easily, but we made short work of them (gesturing to the still frozen statue of a thug in the bar). The whole fights abit of a blur but i think we managed to take down the witch hunter quite quickly and managed to take two of his associates prisoner.
Alaina proved herself quite capable in the fight, tasting blood for the first time. It is quite worrisome how quickly she adapted to it.

But still i imagine she’ll be a useful assert on the journey to Cuntston

There was also a Phil training montage, which Yorick couldnt tell the peasants. There was bonding moments between Alaina and Mira, that Yorick wasnt there for or knows about. The Combat involved a Misarian Swashbuckler/Witch hunter trying to take Nihls away, Mira couldnt manage to convince him otherwise. We managed to take a elf rogue and human thug prisoner after dealing with the other 3.

Freshly Bathed

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