And then the Emperor looked to his eldest. “You must look after your young siblings, for your time on this world will be the longest, and your task, I’m afraid, might be the hardest. Do not let your siblings forget me; do not let them stray from their tasks.”

The Scroll of Tasks 1:18

High Elves

High elves are the religious heads of the Empire. While humans have kings and queens, high ranking elves take on an advisory role: always suggesting, always helping, but never acting themselves, as is the task they were given. They are patient, living among their younger siblings as they help them learn to walk in this world.

Wood Elves

Wood elves: the Empire names them traitors, elves who ran away from the Emperor’s light, went native to live among the trees and the Fey for their own sick amusement, devils who try to tempt the Emperor’s children from their path.

The wood elves themselves tell a different story. It is the high elves that are the traitor. When humans and dwarves first came down upon this land a short 1000 years ago, it was the high elves who proverbially stabbed the Feywilds in the back, setting themselves up with the enemy. Seating themselves in comfortable housing, they did nothing as their human and dwarf dogs slaughtered their kin, cut down their forest and stole their land.

There are many wood elves in the Empire, although they are generally regarded as second class citizens by the general population, called “Barkies”, “Tree Fuckers”, or worse. They have no representatives in the Shining Capital’s Parliament.


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