My meditation is getting increasingly more strange by the day. Wierd signs of the world as an egg and the world going to die. This cannot be true, no one else believes this so why should I. Why has the emporer cursed me with this sickness.

I wonder how long it has been since I last went to meditate. The sky doesn’t seem to be that different so iassume either not much, or quite a while. Either way I should go find my friends.

What are they doing here. I must have been out a while. Wait they killed him. why did they kill him. I will admit I never liked him but even so, I never would have wanted to see him dead. He was a firm lover. Wait, don’t think about the time you slept with him, this is not the time.

I am suspicious of this new witch. She seems reasonable enough but her interest in our druid puts me off a bit. Wait, I must have missed. She has the dreams too. The ones about the egg. Maybe she knows how to stop this.

She got this from a God. The God of dragons none the less. But she made a deal with this God. I didn’t make a deal with mine. I never asked the empo…. Wait. Maybe this isn’t the emporer’s doing.

It seems like a long time has passed. Time still seems to phase in and out. Like I am not always there. I do remember buying the boat though, and it looks like we are choosing rooms. I guess Ricardo must have come back since he seems to have claimed the captains cabin.

The world is dark and there is a large eye infront or me. This must be another dream. Maybe whatever this eye is might be who forsake me with these powers. The world is shaking, this is strange, this is the first time I have felt a physic….


The pain. The pain is unbearable. It is in my eyes and my ears. I can feel it in my neck but I have to push it back down. Wait. I can’t see. This cannot be happening. The world is so silent. Maybe I cannot hear. Where is my friend. He is always here with me when I need him. He is the only one I truly trust.

Wait. I can sense the world around me. This feels like what I have read about bats sight in the dark. The world is ripples around me.

What is that. It is like him but it is different. It doesn’t have tentacles but a long tube for a mouth. I must work out where it came from.

Masssstterrrrr. I am ssssoooorrrryyyy. Weee do nottt have muccchhh time. You musssttt survive thissss. I willllllll try and fixxx thisss.

I understand. These must be what are giving me power. I must stop them, they are all around me. If I cast my most recent power maybe it can stop them. Maybe if I do this will all go away.

Why are they not attacking me. Why do they attack my friends. I must stop them.
It is finally over. I still cannot see but it seems like he has fixed my hearing. But all I can hear are the refugees calling me witch. How can they not see that I did not cause this. I helped them. I saved them. My friends. They are turning against me. Can they not see I need them. Why do they hate me. I have been nothing but loyal to them. I cannot trust them. I hate them. I need to be alone.

It has been two weeks now. I have so many answers but I am beginning to understand. Phil has told me that if any of them die the world will die. He told me if I die the world would die. But I hate them. They betrayed me. But I must protect them. Even the stupid one. I must reside in my friend. He is the only one I can trust anymore.

I know now I cannot give in to this. I cannot get rid of this. I must control this and be better than this. No matter what. No one else, Not even Phil, will ever understand.


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