Yoric (No longer goes by his tribes name)


Yoric is an exiled tribesman from Shangri-La with a Temper. He has sworn to serve Naan and protect the town of IronFord. He is deeply trouble by his tendency to fly into a bloodthirsty rage were he has difficultly controlling himself, a trait that has caused him trouble in his past. He attempts to find peace within himself by focusing on master the skills of a hunter and various crafts such as woodcarving, cartography and landscape painting. He believes that you don’t have to be defined by what you were born with and that you can overcome the darkness in your heart.


Yoric used to be highly regarded within his tribe but banished after a failed mission with others from the tribe. During his year of exile, he and the other outcasts suffered from constantly being hunted and in-fighting, leaving them ragged and hungry. In their desperation they attempted a hap-hazard raid on IronFord. Some the outcasts fled during the raid and Yoric and the others took shelter in the chapel. The remaining outcasts blamed Yoric for all their suffering and began to turn against him as the town guard charged the chapel. As the fighting stopped, only Yoric remained, surrounded by guards and fellow Lupine, some dead by his own hand. As he wept for his dead companions, Naan walked into the Chapel alone. Yoric surrendered to her and she showed him mercy, bandaged his wounds. Yoric then swore to serve her and protect the town, often being sent on missions far away from the town.

Yoric (No longer goes by his tribes name)

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