Ash Cloudwalker


Ash’s Character Sheet


Ash’s introduction The Assassination of Lord Farquaad

Ash’s 3rd assignment The Servitude to Sir Danarian the Red

Down time

Ash’s 4th assignment Masarian Nights
Ash has been tasked with the Assassination of the immortal Serpent Queen of Masar,_ the Cycle must be broken._
Masarian Nights
[[Tomb of Nechoset Pt1 | [[Tomb of Nechoset Pt1
[[Tomb of Nechoset p2 | [[Tomb of Nechoset p2]]
[[Embrace Oblivion

The Deed was done, the royal line obliterated from history, intro to Elie-may “Cousin”

Ash’s 5th assignment The Tor-van Partnership

Ash’s Ultimate Assignment

Ash’s Last assignment

Where Ash once lived

Ash Cloudwalker

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