The Heroes of Tolmurr

A Half-elf, a Drake and a Tre... shrub Oh my.
The Return to Tolmur Season 4 Espiode Two

Day 19 of the Long night in the Year of our New Lord Age 20
Call me traditionalist but I still like the old age

Another brother has joined us today on the quest to find the Assassin a Half-Elf by the name of Nicholi, he appears confident in the art of the sword and bow but it seems his words is his most valuable assets. However, they themselves are conflicting.
Nicholi seems to lack conviction to our lord… once in my youth I would have been outrage but I have seen in my life many of our brethren seem indifferent these days. Alas along as he respects the might our lords he should be fine. It not like he’s talking about making friends with the fey

Still today after informing Master Ozone the good news we venture into the shopping district next to the temple and well I believe the term for humans is a “mid-life crisis”. Still today I have been able to purchase a fine steed, a White Drake named White Wailer, she is a well trained and quiet and easy individual to commune with. It is nice to know that she has a fair lifespan ahead of her.

The others it seems were more wanting to wander and peruse than purchase. Tho it appears Em’rick has been in possession of a cold steel blade, an interesting artifact of a previous time still it is odd that is in use. Nicholi it appears purchased a shield, but he seems to be pondering… probably about his recent purchase.

Day 19 of the Long night in the Year of our New Lord Age 20.

This Day just kepts going on, but what I have seen an still see has tested my resolve. Our last member joined us today, I thought the temple was making a deal with the fey, for in front of us was a tiny treent with a jester rattle. However I was informed from Em’rick this creature is in fact and abomination created from that Treasonsness gang “the ‘’’ heroes ‘’’ of Tolmurr” The Hertetic Nils the false provider.

Still this tree, bush, -rosebush- Shrub calls himself Frank and has a cheery composition to find his old master. I trust that he could lead me to Nils, but I would trust my life with this shrub as much as I would trust journeying solo through the void in a long night.
Still members aside we assembled at the ship and watch as Ozone was installed into the void craft his voice of freedom and joy has still rings in my mind. We also meet the Captain of this fair vessel Captain Wings of Sky. She once served in the Bastilain Navy.

Still, she showed us the vessel and the few arcane cannons in the hull
(Port, 30ft flamer, Bow, 100ft Lightning bolt) (6 Charges total)
(Broadside, A.M.P 100ft radius 10 minutes duration 24 hours recharge)

She then asked if we had a direction and as such I was granted permission to seek refuge in the captain cabin. It has been a while since I talked to the recognisance but there insight is most welcome.

We will meet the Assassin Ash un-expectantly in a dust bowl town

Ozone seem to know of this town so that is where we are heading, but even as we left the temple and ventured into the chaos of the long night a Red dragon from the Bank of Fire and Death boarded the ship. He offered the party 50k gold and safe passage and in return, we do not proceed with our suicidal mission against a member of the Hero of Tolmurr. For the party, we pursue will save the world from total destruction

Again with the end of the world, is there a page missing that I should know about? If is this gangs fate is to save the world, then only the lord may judge as even I know fate works in mysterious ways. But they possess something that should never be in possession, the Black Razor and I’m sure fate is in endings, not methods.

The party declined and he seemed to sadden and while he will not act against us I am sure this is not the last of the bank.

The Fate of Fate.
The Return to Tolmur Season 4 Espiode one

Day 18 of the Long Night in the Year of our Lord 1039, (20 NA)

That Whites that have tried to advance along the fleeting border Arcadian have been dealt with. With the second snow falling I have been lead to believe that for now – at least – the threat has hibernated. Still, the force is strong and the few children of cloth that are present in this small town will mean that come first light this will be a difficult battle.
My hand stung again this morning, once I might I said it was nothing but Ill omen has always followed. Guess it’s time to move soon.

Day 19 of the Long night in the Year of our lord 1039 (20 NA)

From Arcadia to The Temple of the Six elements in the Void, Fate work in mysterious ways. It appears that my serves are to be hired by the temple, it appears one of their students have been corrupted and turned rogue and has converted at least three others to his rank. This “Master Assassin” known as “Ash” has come into possession the Black razor. How the blade was found, I do not know. However, the blade has resurfaced and has already slain, both the queen of Masar and ash’s former master.
Our mission that has already been predicted for at least one causality. Is to find Ash and his gang and retrieve the Black Razor before he escapes to the Micinia and takes advantage of the multiple rifts that have been tamed in that area. He is said to have a corrupted Zeal about entropy and trying to “Save the world” – how do they keep popping up, are the scripture not clear….
However, I was not alone in this task, for already a team has been formed:

a Basillain Human that once served in the 1009 – 10** Tomulur Rebellion, a crack shot with the musket and while I cringe as he states he is a veteran he does possesses a high count of bravery.
a being of the divine… I don’t know of the creatures propose or reason for travelling to our world yet it is clear that their wraith is absolute, and is unphased by the might of the Radiant or the necrotic.

_I say this in light of our sparring match we test each other upon. A simple arena served for the fight, the battle was to first blood. the sparring was over quickly, how can one fight what appears to be a distant outcast of an angel.

However sparring aside as we await the remaining members of our party, we have been shown the mean to track Ash down. The void has created voidcraft or sailing ships for air, I don’t what to think of this technology yet I have been told it is stuck within the chaos that is the void. The Magic to the craft is that it runs off a Vis crystal that has entered that second last stage of sentience. They as the heart and with a captain as a guide sail the vessel through the chaotic energy. Our vessel is yet to have its heart installed but the temple has already had one in mind, a young master of water by the name “Breath of the Ozone”. He currently resides in the garden as a vis tree and has been a joy to talk to. He may still be young but his wisdom is of that of our grand elders just limited to time.
Still, my brother and sisters are ready to fight, but I fear if this weapon can truly absorb souls to oblivion then I must not allow them or myself to fall. For the Emperor, For the tipping tide, for our oath as elves of the 31st._

The Saga of Fargrim, Pt 2
Setting: Thirsty Camel Roadside Inn, several miles outside of Milton

It was a regular Thursday evening at the ol’ Thirsty Camel for Roric Gray. As with every other night, he headed to the Thirsty Camel after a long day working at the lumbermill and before heading home to his lovely, so he keeps reminding himself, wife Hilda. A few rounds a the ’Camel helped remind himself of just how lovely his wife was.

The patrons of the camel never really changed: a collection of farmers, fishers and farriers from the surrounding lands. Interestngly, there was a new face in the tavern tonight: a burly, orange mohawked Dwarf sat in a corner table surrounded by no less than seven roasted chickens, a hind quarter of pork and a flagon of ale which was dutifully refilled by Linda the barmaid. Patrick couldn’t help but notice that leaning up against the wall next to the dwarf was an assortment of different weapons, mostly axes.

“Bit ov a funny wun to ‘ave in the camel on a Thursd’y, I reckon” Patrick said to the barkeep.

“Yer tellin’ me, Patty my ol’ boy. But he pays ‘is tab an’ scares away those wot might be lookin’ for trouble” replied the barkeep while absent mindedly wiping the same flagon he had been whiping for most of the evening.

Patrick paid no heed to the dwarf and focused intently on the ale before him. However, the Dwarf then began to sing:

“Pound the tables, throw the chairs
Take the ale and leave the swill
Break the mugs and throw them out
Down the beard my ale goes!

Drink and sing ‘neath stone and gold
Fetch me hammer, tongs, and bellows
Forge the ores in scorching coals
Down the beard my ale goes!

The time to drink is here again
Knock yer heads back, drink it down
Til our women don’t have chest hair
Down the beard my ale goes!

Diamonds may gleam like starlit nights
And gold may shine like bright of day
But Ale is more than either or
Down the beard my ale goes!

Pound the tables, throw the chairs
Take the ale and leave the swill
Break the mugs and throw them out
Down the beard my……"

The Dwarf was interrupted by the tavern door being smashed down off its hinges. Walking through the now gaping whole in the tavern was half a dozen brigands. More than just your average highway thugs, these men had armour and swords. Patrick suddenly wished he was at home with his ‘lovely’ wife….

“Right. We here are members of the Bandits of Barnoth and we have come to relieve you of your valuables. Hand them over and no one needs to get hurt” said the lead bandit, an Elf who was missing an ear.

One of the patrons, a miner at the stone quarry, stood up and swung a clenched fist at the nearest brigand. Before the blow struck, the bandit leader nimbly stuck a long knife through the miner’s eye.

“Now that, my dear friends, was a mistake. Now hand over your possessions” ordered the leader as the rest of his men started to shake down the patrons of the Inn.

“mumph mrmbl grmph phmble rmble hrm! yrm frrm cphm!” said a voice from the corner of the room.

“What??” questioned the bandit leader.

“I said” replied the voice as he swallowed the last mouthful of food, “that killing that man was a great mistake and that once I finished my food I would take my axe and kill every last fucking one of you”.

The last thing the bandit leader ever saw was the image of a mohawked Dwarf leaping over a table of roast chickens; two handed axe raised above his head.

FAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGRIM” the Dwarf roared as he soared through the air.

STOOOOOOOOONEBOOOOOORN” he bellowed as his axe separated the Elf at the waist.

The remaining were similarly cut down in a brutal fashion. Patrick marveled at the way the Dwarf moved: a seemingly endless flurry of axe blows, headbutts and kicks. It was as if every part of him was a weapon. As the last bandit fell the Dwarf stood still, chest heaving, and looked down at a dagger which had somehow found its way into his shoulder.

“Cunts” he said as he removed the knife from his shoulder.

“uhhh, I don’t suppose any of you know if he had a family?” the Dwarf said to the Inn patrons as he gestured a thumb towards the dead miner.

“.. a wife…and kids, I think. Live near the river” replied Patrick, still quite shocked by events of the last few minutes.

“Right, well, make sure they get this then” the Dwarf said as he plucked a coin pouch off of the dead bandit leader and chucked it to Patrick.

The Dwarf then dragged the bodies outside and put them in a neat pile, scrubbed the floorboards of the tavern, paid for his meal and fixed the door. Then he left. That was the last time Patrick saw the Dwarf.

Curiously, the next evening a cloaked figure entered the Inn looking for Fargrim, then he left.

URGENT - Update on state of affairs in Tolmurr
An excerpt from a series of documents

Established communication with local adventuring party – note, all acted as a beacon from the sky, as it was apparent even from a distance that they all bear The Mark that we have identified to have some connection to the Wall of Prophecy. This in itself immediately begged further inquiry; as an upstanding representative of the Emperor – may his light guide us all to righteousness – I took it upon myself to set aside my primary objective to assess the bearers of these marks.

Indeed, truly the Emperor’s hand guided me here, for not only did I discover a direct connection to the very aim of my primary objective (see Addendum 1A below), they also had among them Ricardo, who it would seem has abandoned his assignment upon losing his memory and joined with this band of individuals in lieu of any other, immediately pressing objective (see Addendum 2A in the sealed letter attached for full party analysis and suggested actions).

I attempted to establish my clear authority over the party to efficiently process each member’s discrepancies with the laws of the Empire (even on cursory introductions, there were obviously several to be addressed), but was ultimately denied recognition of said authority; I have undertaken further surveillance and monitoring services in the guile of aiding the group until such a point where sufficient support can be provided to enforce these laws and assume formal control as an officiated Adventurer of the Empire.

Allowing the party to believe I held no authority over and posed no threat to them as a whole, they returned to their original direction – apparently, a sizable portion of the local population had been kidnapped and imprisoned by Khal Fengell Gold Fist of Shangri-la, who nefariously betrayed the Empire’s generous trust to ally with the Confessors in what I can only assume in my professional opinion to be a desperate, wholly misguided bid to seize control from further land and power fairly assigned to other local factions by the great wisdom and even-handedness of the Emperor.

Meeting with PM (where I formed first impressions – see Addendum 1B) to coordinate rescue efforts, we naturally rescued as many of these local peasantry hostages as was possible without jeopardising successful extraction, with only minor hiccups involving an unintentional run in with several of Khal Fengell’s foot soldiers (see Addendum 1C). The most important object of note discovered during this stealth and reconnaissance operation was the presence of an additional large Vis Crystal in the possession of Khal Fengell – the warlord appeared to be attempting to crudely charge the shard with the sacrifice of a handful of the hostages on hand, with limited visible success.

In conclusion, the situation in Tolmurr appears to be far more dire than initial reports suggested, and Confessor presence has been undeniably confirmed; I will continue to attempt to manage the situation until receiving further orders, as outlined in our collective mission objectives.

Communications may be moved through the standard channels. May the Emperor watch over you.

Mira Silverfoot

Addendum 1A: Group seems to have goals in line with current prime objective – that is, to track down and put an end to the Confessors following their brazen assault on the Academy and continued, unrepentant disregard for the fair and just laws of the realm, which in itself is a gross insult to the wisdom and benevolence of the great Emperor, may he live on in glory.

Addendum 1B: In particular, the party has grown close to the subject of my investigation in Tolmurr – a crazed wizard with a strong, latent talent for manipulation of the weak-willed and small-minded, bearing a large, red crystal of similar design to the crystal used to engineer the attack on the Final Exam; this is in line with the reports I submitted following initial survey of the area. While subject (Self-ID “The Puppet Master”, hereby referred to as PM) seemed repentant about his immoral and illicit past involvement with The Confessors, his mental and emotional states appear to be, at best, confused, and as far as I can tell are in a constant state of flux; further investigation is required to determine his true loyalty and potential value as a reformed barbaric asset of the Empire. The Eye of Vigil, as he refers to the Vis Crystal set into his back, has clearly affected his cognitive functions; pending further investigation, current recommendation is to extract the crystal and, assuming PM survives the process, commence formal questioning once his mental state has stabilised.

Addendum 1C: What should have been poorly trained foot soldiers posing no real threat to a trained representative dedicated to the defence of the Empire were revealed in short engagement to be shockingly competent and well-equipped – on the scale presented, this army could, in extreme, but not inconceivable circumstances, pose a threat to the safety and stability to the Capital, it being my belief that Khal Fengell has the intention of carrying out his machinations to the heart of the Empire. Dispatch of assassination squad is not being formally requested at this point, but it is my suggestion that one be prepared and placed on standby to disperse clear leadership positions should this situation escalate any further beyond the control of a single agent.

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